Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN)
Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN)

Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN)


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Type of Institution
Professional university
Areas of Program
Finance & Economics, Business Management, Engineering Science & Technology, Computer & Information Technology, Mathematics & Natural Sciences
Year of Establishment
Founded Body/ Founder
Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB)
Prof. Dato' Ir. Dr. Kamal Nasharuddin Bin Mustapha
Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN)(Main Campus), UNITEN (KSHAS)
Student Number (local)
Student Number (international)
Number of Teaching Staff


Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) starts its operation in 1976 as National Electricity Board (NEB) Training Centre which later was renamed as Sultan Ahmad Shah Training Institute (ILSAS), Bangi. In 1994, ILSAS was upgraded to education institution - Tenaga Nasional Institute of Engineering Technology (IKATAN). After two years operating as IKATAN, Tenaga Nasional Berhad received invitation from Minister of Education Malaysia to setup a private university thus the following year Universiti Tenaga Nasional Sdn Bhd starts its’ operation from 1 September 1997 onwards.

Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) is a private university with a Government Link University (GLU) status; wholly owned by Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB). Universiti Tenaga Nasional operates from two campuses; one main campus in Putrajaya and the other is in Bandar Muadzam Shah, Pahang.

The main campus is located in the south of Kuala Lumpur. It is adjacent to the administrative center of the Federal Government of Malaysia, malls, hotels and resorts. The Putrajaya campus offers courses in Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Business Economic and Energy Economics. The second campus, Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah (KSHAS) in Bandar Muadzam Shah, Pahang offers course in Accountancy, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource and Business courses.

Universiti Tenaga Nasional is the first Energy University in Malaysia that aspires to become a globally competitive, energy-focused university by emitting the best of Malaysia and Asia university traditions. With its vision to be a leading global energy university that shapes a sustainable future, Universiti Tenaga Nasional is a serious player in the academic world. This is proved through its top academic excellence achievements. UNITEN has obtained a tier five in its SETARA ratings and ranked number 7 in Malaysia, number 12 in Southeast Asia and 101-105 (top 50 under 50) world rankings. It is also has been the top choice for Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology courses. Therefore, UNITEN graduates are guaranteed a job even before their graduation which is shown through its employability rate at 94%.

In addition, UNITEN strive to advance knowledge and learning experience through research and innovation that will best serve human society. This is verified through its energy focused projects such as solar and biodiesel powered vehicles are currently being developed in order to achieve our goal by 2020. Moreover, the 2016-2020 Research Roadmap has clearly identified research worthy areas that will keep UNITEN relevant and at a competitive pace.
Students enrolled in UNITEN can enjoy various world-class facilities. UNITEN has seven affordable and comfortable apartment buildings in its campuses. It also has comprehensive healthcare facility such as the ILSAS dispensary in Putrajaya Campus and Muadzam Shah Hospital in KSHAS campus. There is also library that features 24 hours study area, high speed on campus Wi-Fi available for students and around the clock security services.
For students who loves sports and recreational activities, UNITEN provides various sports facilities such as the mini stadium, an impressive sporting arena that meets the requirements of national level athletics competition, Olympic sized swimming pool, tennis court, football field and gymnasium. The latest addition to its sports facility is the Sports Arena, which has 11 indoor court that are futsal, netball, sepak takraw, basketball and volleyball.

Moreover, Universiti Tenaga Nasional offers a wide variety of scholarship to ensure an affordable tertiary education to all students. One such scholarship is the UNITEN Global Scholarship that is made available to selected International Students who choose to study in UNITEN. The scholarship offers USD1,000 off from the tuition fee.

Universiti Tenaga Nasional is a distinctive, thriving academic community which makes a clear and immediate impact though it’s alliance with a global audience and a modern world of employment and entrepreneurship. Our purpose is to change lives – of individuals and communities - for the better.

In a world where nothing ever stays the same, we all need to change, evolve, succeed and change again. That’s what we do. Be BOLD and do the same. Together we’ll achieve more. In UNITEN, we create a future perfect for you; you GRADUATE WITH HONOUR. GRADUATE A CEO.


Top 3 private university in Malaysia
94% employability rate
22 years experience in Global Education as the Energy University
SETARA Ranking - Tier FIVE
#243 in the world and #5 in Malaysia
QS World University Rankings 2022, UNITEN is ranked #751 – 800
QS Asia University Rankings 2021, UNITEN is ranked #168
ranked #201 – 250 in the THE Asia University Rankings 2021
#501 – 600 THE World University Rankings 2021 by subject: Engineering & Technology
#601 – 800 in THE World University Rankings 2021 by subject: Computer Science


Library/Resource Centre
Lecture Theatre
Multi-purpose Hall
Computer for Student
Sports Club
Recreation Facility
Student Hostel
Student Car Park
Wheelchair accessible
Other Special Facility


School Bus Service
Co-curricular Activities
Psychology Counseling & Guidance
Career Counseling & Guidance
Internship Placement Service


Government Linked University
All programs are recognized by MQA
Stong industry linkage
Focus on engineering, information technology and corporate management


商业管理类 Business Management

Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) in Entrepreneurship and Venture Management

Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) in Human Resource Management

Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) in Marketing

Bachelor of International Business (Hons)

Diploma in Business Studies

Master of Business Administration

Master of Energy Management

Master of Engineering Management

Master of Science in Management

PhD in Business Management

工程科技类 Engineering Science & Technology

Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Hons)

Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Hons)

Bachelor of Electrical Power Engineering (Hons)

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Hons)

Diploma in Electrical Engineering

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Master of Civil Engineering

Master of Communication Systems Engineering

Master of Electrical Engineering

Master of Mechanical Engineering

Master of Structural Engineering

PhD in Engineering

PhD in Industrial Science

财经类 Finance & Economics

Bachelor of Accounting (Hons)

Bachelor of Business Economics (Hons)

Bachelor of Economics (Energy) (Hons)

Bachelor of Finance (Hons)

Diploma in Accountancy

Master of Science in Accounting

Master of Science in Finance

数理类 Mathematics & Natural Sciences

Master of Industrial Science

电脑与资讯科技类 Computer & Information Technology

Bachelor of Computer Science (Cyber Security) (Hons)

Bachelor of Computer Science (Software Engineering) (Hons)

Bachelor of Computer Science (Systems and Networking) (Hons)

Bachelor of Information Technology (Graphics & Multimedia) (Hons)

Bachelor of Information Technology (Information Systems) (Hons)

Bachelor of Information Technology (Visual Media) (Hons)

Diploma in Computer Science

Master of Information Technology

Master of Software Engineering

PhD in Information and Communication Technology


Foundation in Accounting

Foundation in Business Administration

Foundation in Civil Engineering

Foundation in Computer Science

Foundation in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Foundation in Electrical Power Engineering

Foundation in Information Technology

Foundation in Mechanical Engineering


Pinjaman Pendidikan PTPTN (/scholarshipplus-aid/pinjaman-pendidikan-ptptn/)

All Foundation Programme UNITEN (/programmes/foundation-programmes/)
All Diploma Programme UNITEN (/programmes/diploma-programmes/)
All Bachelor Programme UNITEN (/programmes/bachelor-programmes/)

1. Malaysian citizen
2. Below 45 years old on application date
3. Fulfill the requirements set by Ministry of Education Malaysia and Malaysia Qualifications Agency
4. Courses selected must be approved by Ministry of Education Malaysia and registered with PTPTN
5. Courses selected must acquire Certificate of Accreditation that is still effective on application date from Malaysia Qualifications Agency
6. Remaining period of study must exceed one year while applying
7. Opened SSPN-i/SSPN-i Plus account. Only SSPN-i account with 15 digits are allowed to apply for PTPTN, Please contact PTPTN to check the 15 digits account number of SSPN-i.
Manual application can be referred here.
Please ensure that the payment process during registration is completed until the receipt is printed.
Manual permohonan boleh dirujuk di sini

Pastikan proses pembayaran pendaftaran diselesaikan sehingga cetakan resit PTPTN
supaya pendaftaran permohonan berjalan lancar

Sebarang pertanyaan, sila hubungi:
Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional
Tingkat Bawah, Menara PTPTN
Blok D, Megan Avenue II
No.12, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Careline: 03-2193 3000
Faks: 03-2193 1263
e-Aduan: iCare (http://icare.ptptn.gov.my/eApps/sdmscasepool/SdmsCasePool/add.do


Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN)

UNITEN Putrajaya Campus, Jalan Ikram-uniten, 43000 Kajang, Selangor., 43000 Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia


Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Campus, Muadzam Shah, Pahang., 26700 Bandar Muadzam Shah, Pahang, Malaysia
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