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Type of Institution
Comprehensive university
Areas of Program
Humanities, Law & Social Sciences, Mathematics & Natural Sciences, Computer & Information Technology, Engineering Science & Technology, Art & Design, Business Management
Year of Establishment
University of Southampton(Main Campus)
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The University has a turnover of over £525 million a year, around 6,200 members of staff and over 16,000 undergraduates and over 7,600 postgraduates, based in its five campuses across the city of Southampton and one in Winchester in the south of England. In 2012, the University opened a campus in Malaysia offering students the chance to study for engineering degrees across both countries.

Southampton is one of the UK's top research universities, with 33% of its research rated world-leading and a further 51% rated internationally-excellent in the most recent UK-wide assessment of the quality of research in UK universities. It attracts talent from across the globe with 35% of its academic staff and 29% of its students from outside the UK.

Through world-leading research and enterprise activities, Southampton connects with businesses to create real-world solutions to global issues. It works with partners around the world to offer relevant, flexible education, which trains students for jobs not even thought of.

One of its most renowned academics is Professor Sir David Payne, who pioneered the optical fibre technology that provides the backbone to the Internet and modern telecommunications. Every time you use the Internet, your mobile phone or an ATM you are using technology developed at Southampton.


艺术与设计类 Art & Design

BA (hons) Textile Design

商业管理类 Business Management

BA (hons) Business Management

BSc (Hons) Business Entrepreneurship

工程科技类 Engineering Science & Technology

MEng/ Beng (hons) Civil Engineering

MEng/BEng (hons) Biomedical Electronic Engineering

MEng/BEng (hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering

MEng/BEng (hons) Mechanical Engineering

MEng/BEng (hons)Electronic Engineering

人文、法律与社会科学类 Humanities, Law & Social Sciences

Bsc (Hons) Politics and Economics

Bsc (hons) Psychology

Bsc (hons) Sociology

LLB (Hons)

数理类 Mathematics & Natural Sciences

Bsc (Hons) Economics and Actuarial Science

Bsc (hons) Mathematics with Actuarial Science

BSc (hons) Physics

Bsc / Master (Hons) Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics & Economics

电脑与资讯科技类 Computer & Information Technology

Bsc (hons) Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence

Bsc (hons) Computer Science with Cyber Security

Bsc (hons) Mathematics with Computer Science


University of Southampton

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