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National United University

National United University


Last Updated: 2023-10-02 13:49:41
Type of Institution
Comprehensive university
Areas of Program
Engineering Science & Technology, Computer & Information Technology, Art & Design, Business Management, Food, Beverage, Leisure & Tourism, Communication, Education
Year of Establishment
Professor Tung-Hu TSAI (President)
Erpingshan campus(Main Campus), Bajia campus
Student Number (local)
Student Number (international)
Number of Teaching Staff


National United University was founded in 1972. After years of reforms and upgrades, on a solid foundation, it has worked hard for 47 years and cultivated many excellent senior professionals. NUU actively develops as a comprehensive teaching-oriented university with characteristics. There are more than 60,000 graduates, and 94% of alumni successful employment. The undergraduate students and graduate students are both recognized as the top 20 enterprises' favorite universities and are the only university in Miaoli to promote industry-university cooperation, vocational training, and promotion education.

NUU has 6 colleges, 19 academic departments (including 15 master Programs), 1 special class for indigenous people, 1 independent institute, and 1 Ph.D. Program. The six colleges are Science & Engineering, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Management, Hakka Studies, Humanities & Social Science, and Design. There are two campuses located at Erpingshan and Bajia, and the school also provides free shuttle buses between the two campuses for the ease of teachers and students. The two campuses have a total area of about 77 hectares; the school is adjacent to the Science and Technology Town, Hsinchu, and heads south to Taichung area. It is about 10 to 15 minutes away from the National Highway No. 1, No. 3 Interchange and Taiwan Railway Miaoli Station and takes about 15 to 20 minutes to the high-speed rail Miaoli station. The Bajia Campus was fully opened in 2014. The new Bajia campus with pleasant scenery and a magnificent landscape is 10 times larger than the old Erpingshan Campus. It is also suitable for living and learning. We are looking forward to your visit.

The school has indoor and outdoor sports courts ( Physical Fitness Center, SPA swimming pool, gym, basketball courts, stadium), New Guoding Library, Li Maozong Pottery/Carving Art Space, Sound Museum. Bajia Campus also sets up an art and culture center to enrich the campus with books and humanities. NUU is also a university that emphasizes energy saving and environmental protection. It has an ultra-energy-efficient computer room and a high-quality convenient campus. In addition, there are many clubs with rich attributes such as academics, entertainment, sports, service, autonomy which bring you a diverse university life.


Library/Resource Centre
Lecture Theatre
Multi-purpose Hall
Computer for Student
Sports Club
Recreation Facility
Student Hostel
Student Car Park
Wheelchair accessible
Other Professional Facility


School Bus Service
Co-curricular Activities
Psychology Counseling & Guidance
Career Counseling & Guidance
Internship Placement Service
Further Study Placement Service
Job Placement Service


艺术与设计类 Art & Design

Department of Architecture

Department of Industrial Design

商业管理类 Business Management

Department of Business Management

Department of Finance

Department of Information Management

传播类 Communication

Department of Culture Creativity and Digital Marketing

Department of Taiwan Languages and Communication

Institute of Hakka Language and Communication

教育类 Education

Department of Chinese Language and Literature

工程科技类 Engineering Science & Technology

Department of Chemical Engineering

Department of Civil and Disaster Prevention Engineering

Department of Energy Engineering

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Safety, Health and Environmental Engineering

Ph.D. Program in Materials and Chemical Engineering

餐饮、休闲与旅游类 Food, Beverage, Leisure & Tourism

Department of Cultural Tourism

电脑与资讯科技类 Computer & Information Technology

Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering

Department of Electro-Optical Engineering

Department of Electronic Engineering


Erpingshan campus

第一(二坪山)校區36003苗栗市恭敬里聯大1號/1, Lienda, Miaoli 36003, Taiwan, R.O.C, 36003 Miaoli, Taiwan

Bajia campus

第二(八甲) 校區36063苗栗市南勢里聯大2號/2, Lienda, Miaoli 36063, Taiwan, R.O.C, 36063 Miaoli, Taiwan
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