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Last Updated: 2024-01-29 15:08:51
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Comprehensive university
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Business Management, Finance & Economics, Literature, History & Languages, Humanities, Law & Social Sciences, Education, Computer & Information Technology, Art & Design, Communication
Year of Establishment
Prof. Dr. Mok Soon Chong (Vice - Chancellor)
New Era University College (Kajang)(Main Campus)
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New Era University College (NEUC) is a non-profit, private university college in Malaysia that was established in 1997, following the closure of Nantah University in Singapore in 1980. Its establishment was made possible through extensive efforts and steadfast support from the Chinese community. 

NEUC is one of the few non-profit universities in Malaysia. In 2016, NEUC was granted University College status by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education. This has enabled NEUC to offer its own undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. All courses NEUC provides are approved by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). NEUC currently has nine faculties including the Institute of International Education; the Graduate School; Arts and Social Sciences; Art and Design; Communication, Cinematic and Performing Arts; Accountancy, Management and Economics; Computer Science and Information Computing Technology; the Institute of Ageing and Professional Care; and Health, Safety, Security and Environment.  In addition, the Institute of Vocational and Continuing Education is one of the centres authorised by the Ministry of Human Resources (PSMD, HRDF) to offer the "Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM)" as well as to conduct professional courses in technical occupations.

NEUC offers a diverse range of programmes, encompassing both research-based and coursework-based approaches. This highlights its distinctive position within the national educational landscape. Notably, in alignment with the Belt and Road Initiative initiated by the President of China, NEUC has established specialised Master's and PhD programs in ASEAN Studies (currently known as Southeast Asia Studies) and Chinese Studies, specifically catering to the Greater China region. These programmes aim to foster an increasing number of experts in China and Southeast Asia who can effectively facilitate comprehensive collaborations between the two regions across various domains. Furthermore, the Faculty of Accountancy, Management, and Economics has entered into a collaborative partnership with Wrexham University (formerly known as Glyndwr University) in the United Kingdom, offering a joint dual degree programme since 2018. Moreover, the Department of Education has introduced the sole Bachelor of Education programme in Malaysia with a specific focus on Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. Additionally, the Department of Chinese Language and Literature offers a wide array of research areas, including China Studies, and Local and Southeast Asia Chinese Studies. This has garnered considerable recognition for the department’s exceptional scholarly expertise. In this regard, NEUC stands as one of the foremost Chinese-language universities in the world, attracting a significant number of scholars specialising in Chinese studies and individuals with extensive knowledge of China. Among them, there are researchers conducting studies in English as well as publishing their research in Chinese. 

In recent years, NEUC has experienced a surge in popularity among both domestic and international students. Notably, there was a remarkable increase in enrolment by 51% in the number of local students in 2018, signifying a significant growth trend. This exceptional performance continued to 2022, with a growth rate of 1.18 times, further solidifying NEUC's outstanding reputation and earning it the prestigious "Sin Chew Education Award" within the local educational landscape. In terms of international student recruitment, NEUC has also achieved remarkable success. Since obtaining accreditation from the China Service Centre for Scholarly Exchange (CSCSE) and China's JSJ Study Abroad Network in May 2020, the college has successfully attracted over 600 students from diverse countries such as China, the United States, Indonesia, India, Laos, Vietnam and Thailand. Furthermore, NEUC actively engages in collaboration with more than 160 universities worldwide, establishing cooperative partnerships through the signing of memoranda of understanding. The collective achievements of NEUC underscored its remarkable success and recognition within the realm of Chinese education.  

Professor Dr. Mok Soon Chong, the Vice-Chancellor of NEUC, is dedicated to cultivating a distinguished Chinese-language institution while preserving Chinese culture. He aims to bridge Eastern and Western influences, to establish a strong presence in Southeast Asia, and to establish a multicultural university. NEUC has strong support from the Chinese community, with long-standing relationships with entrepreneurs as well as recognition from philanthropists and the Chinese-language media. The university actively engages in communication and collaboration with over 500 Chinese enterprises, forging connections that range from deep partnerships to more casual associations. NEUC prioritises the establishment of industry-academia centres, aiming to excel in collaboration. Ultimately, NEUC is committed to providing practical education that ensures the comprehensive development of its students.

The curriculum at NEUC is primarily conducted in English, except for the Teaching Chinese as a Second Language programme and the Chinese Language and Literature programme. However, most extracurricular activities and clubs are conducted in Chinese. Concurrently, NEUC has established the Centre of Multi-ethnic Interaction, with the goal of serving as a conduit for peaceful communication and cultural exchange between communities. It is evident that NEUC places great importance on amalgamating local cultures while also celebrating the rich tapestry of Chinese culture. This commitment results in a high-quality, secure, and diverse learning environment. The Tan Lark Sye Library, a remarkable highlight of the campus, houses the largest collection of Chinese titles in the country. Notably, it features special collections such as the Fang Xiu Collection, the Lee Yip Lim Collection, the Yong Ching Fatt Collection, the Lee Kim Chong Historical Collection of Malaysian Chinese Literature, the Tay Lian Soo Collection, and the Nantah Resource Centre. As a result, the Tan Lark Sye Library has become a significant research centre for Southeast Asian Chinese Studies. These valuable collections are readily accessible to scholarly experts and postgraduate students, facilitating research on Chinese and Southeast Asia-related topics, particularly topics in the Greater China Region.

Moreover, NEUC places great emphasis on cultivating a vibrant campus environment that encourages students' creativity and innovative thinking. In 2019, NEUC fully funded and supported the release of a student-produced song album entitled "Flying High". Besides that, NEUC also organised convocation and grad fiesta, collaborated with merchants to create a platform with exclusive member benefits, and even launched the New Era UC Member APP to benefit all NEUCians.

In summary, NEUC combines its historical heritage with a forward-thinking approach, actively seeking new opportunities, and embracing global perspectives. NEUC maintains strong connections with the local community while engaging with the broader international context. With a focus on creativity and humanistic values, NEUC cultivates an environment of innovation, creating a vibrant atmosphere in the arts and humanities, and is committed to creating a brand new “academia-industry research campus”.


Considered as Higher Education Institutions that are Highly Competitive for the SETARA 2022.
ROBUST ACADEMIC ADVISOR TEAM from 170+ member universities from across the world.
Awarded SIN CHEW EDUCATION AWARDS from the prestigious Sin Chew Daily
The first institute of higher learning in Malaysia to FULLY FUND A MUSIC ALBUM
Partnering with Chinese corporations to build a STRONG NETWORK OF COMPANY ADVISORS
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