建筑与城市规划 Architecture, Construction & Town Planning

Ancient building engineering technology

Architectural Animation and Modeling

Architectural Design

Architectural Engineering Technology

Architectural Engineering Technology

Architectural interior design

Architectural interior design

Building Decoration Engineering Technology

Building electrical engineering technology

Construction Cost Management

Construction Engineering Management

Construction Engineering Supervision

Construction Engineering Supervision

Construction equipment engineering technology

Environmental art design

Garden Engineering Technology

Industrial Design

Land resource management

Landscape Architecture Design

Landscape Garden

Materials Engineering Technology

project costs

Resources and Environment and Urban and Rural Planning and Management

Spatial Information and Mathematical Techniques

Town and Country Planning

Urban and Rural Planning

Urban Rail Transit Operation Management

农林渔牧类 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Animal Husbandry

Agricultural equipment application technology

Agricultural Resources and Environment


Animal husbandry and veterinary

Animal Medical Testing Technology


Aquarium Science and Technology

Aquatic Animal Medicine

Forest protection



Pet conservation and coercion

Plant Science and Technology

Seed Science and Engineering

Veterinary Management

艺术与设计类 Art & Design

Advertisement and Graphic Design

Advertising design and production

Art and Design

Art Design

Clothing and apparel design

Clothing and Apparel design

Cultural Market Management


Digital Media Art Design

Exhibition art design

Fashion Design

fashion design and engineering

Fashion Design and Technology

Furniture art design

Interior design

Mathematical media art design

Modern Textile Technology (Textile Trade Direction)


Packaging art design

Performing Arts (Automotive Marketing and Model Art)

Product art design

Product art design

Sculpture Art and Design

Textile Engineering

Visual communication design

商业管理类 Business Management

Business Administration

Business Administration

Business Enterprise Management

Business management

Chain Management

Customs Declaration and International Freight

E - Commerce

E Commerce


Engineering logistics management

Enterprise Administration

Event Management and Planning

Human Resource Management


International Business

International Business

International Economy and Trading

International Trade

Logistics financial management

Logistics Information Technology

Logistics Management

Logistics Management

Logistics Management



Port Logistics Equipment and Automatic Control

Real estate management and valuation


Securities and futures

Textile Inspection and Trading

传播类 Communication

Communication and Planning

Communication Engineering

Communication Engineering Design and Supervision

Communication technology

Computer Multimedia Technology

Film Director

Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering

Photogrammetry and remote sensing technology

Visual Communication Design and Production

教育类 Education

Early Childhood

Early childhood development and health management

Early Childhood Education

Physical Education

Physical Education (Special Education)

Primary Education

Special Education

工程科技类 Engineering Science & Technology

Aircraft Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Maintenance

Application and maintenance of CNC equipment

Application of intelligent transportation technology

Applied Electronic Technology

Applied Electronics

Automobile Service and Marketing

Automobile Appraisal and Maintenance Fee Evaluation

Automobile Inspection And Maintenance

Automobile Technology Service and Marketing

Automotive Application and Maintenance Technology

Automotive electronics

Automotive Electronics

Automotive Inspection and Maintenance Technology

Automotive Marketing and Services

Aviation material precision molding technology

Chemical and Pharmaceutical

Chemical Engineering and Technology

Electric Automation Technology

Electrical automation technology

Electrical Engineering and Intelligent Control

Engineering machinery application technology

Engineering measurement technology

Engineering measurement technology

Food Science and Technology

High-speed railway engineering technology

Industrial robot technology

Industrial Robotics

Intelligent Building Technology

Intelligent Transportation Technology

Machinery application technology

Machinery equipment manufacturing technology

Machinery Manufacturing and Automation

Machinery manufacturing and automation

Machinery product inspection and testing technology

Manufacturing and Maintenance of Medical Devices

Marine technology

Material Chemistry

Mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance and management

Mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance and management

Mechanical Design and Manufacturing

Mechanical design and manufacturing and automation

Mechanical design and production


Mechatronics Technology

Mold design and manufacturing

Mold Design and Manufacturing

New Energy Vehicle Technology

Numerical Technology

Railway Engineering Technology

Refrigeration and air-conditioning technology

Urban Rail Transit Engineering Technology

地理与环境科学类 Geography & Environmental Sciences


Environmental design

Environmental Engineering

Physical geography and resource environment

Soil and water conservation and desertification control

财经类 Finance & Economics


Accounting information management



Financial engineering

Financial Management

Financial Management

International Economy and Trading

Investments and Financial Transactions


人文、法律与社会科学类 Humanities, Law & Social Sciences

Civil Affairs Management

Community Management and Service

Modern Funeral Technology and Management

Psychological Consulting

Social Work

餐饮、休闲与旅游类 Food, Beverage, Leisure & Tourism

Air Crew Service

Cooking Process and Nutrition

Cooking techniques and nutrition

Cooking techniques and nutrition

Culinary Art (Western Cuisine)

Horticultural technology

Hotel Management

Hotel Management

Hotel Management

Leisure agriculture

Tourism Management

生命科学类 Life Sciences



Food Hygiene and Nutrition

Food Nutrition and Testing (Agriculture)

Food Quality and Safety

Food science and engineering

文史与语言类 Literature, History & Languages

Applied English

Business English

Business Japanese Language

English Education

数理类 Mathematics & Natural Sciences

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Numerical Technology


医疗与保健类 Medical & Health

Applied Psychology

Bio Pharmaceutical Technology

Biopharmaceutical technology

Chinese Medicine

Clinic Medicine

Elderly Care and Management

Elderly Health Care and Management


Pharmaceutical Engineering

Rehabilitation therapy Technology

Speech & Hearing Rehabilitation Techniques

Traditional Chinese Medicine

电脑与资讯科技类 Computer & Information Technology

Animation production technology

Big data application technology

Cloud Computing Technology and Application

Cloud Computing Technology and Application

Computer Application

Computer Application Technology

Computer Application Technology

Computer Applications Technology

Computer Information Management

Computer Network Technology

Computer Network Technology

Computer science and Technology

Data Science and Big Data Technology

Digital Media Application Technology

Electronic and information engineering technology

Electronic Information Science and Technology

Industrial Network Technology

Information management and information system

Information Security And Management

Internet of Things Application Technology

Mobile Communication Technology

Mobile Internet

Networking Web Engineering

Software engineering

Software Technology