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Further Study International

Further Study International


Last Updated: 2023-10-02 13:49:41
Type of Institution
Further Study Services
Year of Establishment
Founded Body/ Founder
FSI Center
Mr. Ooi Thean Su


In view of the strong demand among local students for studying overseas, FSI Center has set up its Further Study International Services Project (FSI International) to work with major and reliable further study services organizations in Malaysia to provide students with application and placement services to study in England, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and Korea. Besides, FSI International has also signed special agreements of cooperation with well-known universities in China based on the relevant cities and disciplines of studies. For other regions and countries such as Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Germany and France, FSI International has maintained close working relationships with the relevant educational authorities, alumni and various higher learning institutions to provide transfer services needed by students from Malaysia.

FSI International is different from the typical further study intermediary service providers as it holds fast to the educational ideals of FSI Center, i.e. serving the needs of the students. As such, FSI International strives to open up more channels for further study while searching and contacting institutions that suit the needs of the students instead of simply recommending courses, institutions or countries of study for the students.

At present, FSI International is a special project under the Student Services Department of FSI Center. The consultants at FSI Center will render professional counselling to provide students and their parents with fair and appropriate information about further study opportunities. Students and their parents who wish to seek assistance can contact FSI International via the following methods:

1) Log on to the website of FSI Center Online Education Fair (edufair.fsi.my) to browse the information on more than 100 higher learning institutions in various countries, and click on the “click for inquiries” function on the system to check with FSI International for more information about the higher learning institution in which you are interested;
2) Use NAVIGATOR Self-Service Further Study Counseling System to find the suitable higher learning institutions and send inquiries directly to FSI International to obtain further information;
3) Send WhatsApp messages to FSI Center’s Student Services hotline at 012-6918604 to seek assistance from FSI International;
4)Visit the Further Study Counseling and Education Fair organized by FSI Center in the various secondary schools and the Education Roadshow held at the major cities in Malaysia during the Further Study season and directly enquire with FSI Center’s advisors at NAVIGATOR or FSI International counters.

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