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Type of Institution
Comprehensive college
Areas of Program
Finance & Economics, Business Management, Food, Beverage, Leisure & Tourism, Art & Design, Computer & Information Technology, Communication, Humanities, Law & Social Sciences
Year of Establishment
Founded Body/ Founder
Datuk Eric Chong
Datuk Eric Chong
Erican College
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Through Erican College unique and professional education model, the Institute has so far created thousands of outstanding graduates. The school is associated with internationally prestigious universities such as the University of University of Teesside (Uot) and the Birmingham City University (Birmingham urban University), A number of diploma and Bachelor courses in cooperation with Malaysia have been launched, including accountancy, business, communication, computer science, enterprise management, human resources, graphic design, interior design, information technology, software engineering and tourism management, etc. All the courses offered by the institute are mainly oriented to the cultivation of higher vocational staff and are fully certified by relevant professional organizations (such as IATA, ASIC, AIEST, ACCA, etc.). Erican College is keen on the cause of education, doing its best to make students learn, and in 2014 won the Hundred High-growth Small and Medium Enterprises Award, 2015 was awarded the Asian Credit Award.

The distinctive feature of the Institute is Erican College's successful programme, and it is the first in Asia. Based on this urgent need, Erican College has created a complete set of educational concepts to train students to become well-rounded people. This success programme, covers two major parts: the succesee forum and the training camp for success.

The Success Forum is held every semester and presided over by Datuk Eric Chong, founder and director of Erican College. For students, Datuk Eric Chong is their successful mentor. Students need to learn interpersonal skills in order to be able to apply in their career or careers, regardless of any major area of study. As for the successful training camp, it will take two days to develop the students ' personal potentials. The students ' potential is fully achieved through the fun and stimulating activities of the training camp. For training activities, the outstanding performance can be awarded various awards, such as the best leaders, best ideas and the best team to encourage, to improve the quality of education.


SME 100 : Fast Moving Companies Award 2014 – Top 10
5th Middle East Business Leaders Award 2014 – Leadership Excellence In International Education


Library/Resource Centre
Lecture Theatre
Multi-purpose Hall
Computer for Student
Sports Club
Recreation Facility
Student Hostel
Student Car Park
Other Professional Facility
Other Special Facility


School Bus Service
Co-curricular Activities
Psychology Counseling & Guidance
Career Counseling & Guidance
Internship Placement Service
Further Study Placement Service
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Our campus is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.
Erican Success Programme, which is designed by Datuk Eric Chong.


艺术与设计类 Art & Design

Diploma in Graphic Design

Diploma in Interior Design

商业管理类 Business Management

Certificate in Business Administration

Degree in Business Administration

Diploma in Business Administration

传播类 Communication

Diploma in Mass Communication

财经类 Finance & Economics

Degree in Accounting and Finance

Diploma in Accountancy

人文、法律与社会科学类 Humanities, Law & Social Sciences

Diploma in Psychology

餐饮、休闲与旅游类 Food, Beverage, Leisure & Tourism

Diploma in Culinary Arts

Diploma in Hotel Management

Diploma in Tourism Management

电脑与资讯科技类 Computer & Information Technology

Diploma in Information Technology


Erican Academic Excellence Award

SPM & Trials:
- 6As to 7As will be entitled for 50% scholarship
- 8As and above will b entitled 100% scholarship

*Included A-
Must be a graduate of SPM, and SPM must obtain six families a or above.
Please request for consultation :
Tel: 03-2161 0625 Email:
- Limited scholarship

Erican Sports Award

Please contact for more details
Must be a graduate of SPM, and must be a representative of the District, state, national players to qualify.
Contact for consultation
Tel: 03-2161 0625

Chong Hong Sow Scholarship of Excellent

Set up in remembrance of Datuk Eric Chong’s late father Mr. Chong Hong Sow, the Chong Hong Sow Scholarship of Excellence aims to assist students who are academically capable and financially disadvantaged to pursue their higher education.
- Shortlisted candidates will be required to attend an interview.
- Email: to apply


Erican College

Blok C, First Floor, Megan Avenue II, No. 12, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, 50450 , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia