China University of Technology
China University of Technology

China University of Technology


Last Updated: 2020-05-05 16:53:16
Type of Institution
Comprehensive university
Areas of Program
Finance & Economics, Computer & Information Technology, Business Management, Food, Beverage, Leisure & Tourism, Architecture, Construction & Town Planning, Engineering Science & Technology, Art & Design, Literature, History & Languages
Year of Establishment
Hsinchu Campus, Taipei Campus:
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China University of Technology, C.U.Te. for short, was founded in 1965.

CUTe’s original location is the beautifully landscaped Taipei campus (school area: 5 hectares), which is conveniently located near the Wanfang Hospital MRT Station. The Hsinchu campus (school area:14 hectares) is 3-minute walk to Beihu Train Station, located within commuting distance to the Industrial Park. Both Taipei campus and Hsinchu campus are beautiful and well-facilitated campuses, which are ideal environment for students to study. Since founded, it has established three colleges, “Planning and Design College”, “Management College” and “Computer Science College”.

CUTe adheres to combining practice and theory, teaching and tutoring, professional and general compatibility, and school and industry. It aims to cultivate professional and general-level technical elites, and therefore has become an excellent distinctive teaching and technology university. In recent years, it has also frequently cooperated with overseas universities, including cooperation with Metropolitan State University (MSU) to promote “3+1 International Business Management Joint Dual-degree”; in 2016, it cooperated with Saint Paul College (SPC) in the United States. The Bachelor of Arts in Education Management Series; in April 2016, it signed the MOU with Jumonji University; in February 2015, it signed a 2+2 Joint Dual-degree in interior design with Maranatha Christan University (MCU).


Won the University Social Responsibility Citizen selection Award private technology university first
CUTe has won the Best Design Award and 10 Red Dot Awards for the 2019 German Red Dot.
2019 Golden Point Rookie Design Award was shortlisted for 26 works, the first in the country.


Library/Resource Centre
Lecture Theatre
Multi-purpose Hall
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Sports Facility
Student Hostel
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Psychology Counseling & Guidance
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Further Study Placement Service


Cultivate a cross-border practice ability and set up a career development series
The chairman of AAEON Technology donated NT$ 100 million and SinYi Group donated 42.73 million yuan
Start the moral talent cultivation plan


建筑与城市规划 Architecture, Construction & Town Planning

Bachelor of Architecture Design

Master of Architecture Design

艺术与设计类 Art & Design

Bachelor of Digital Multimedia Design

Bachelor of Film and TV Design

Bachelor of Interior Design

Bachelor of Visual Communication and Design

Master of Interior Design

Master of Visual Communication and Design

商业管理类 Business Management

Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Marketing and Logistics

Master of Business Administration

工程科技类 Engineering Science & Technology

Bachelor of Civil Engineering and Hazard Mitigation

Master of Civil Engineering and Hazard Mitigation

财经类 Finance & Economics

Bachelor of Finance

Bachelor of International Business

餐饮、休闲与旅游类 Food, Beverage, Leisure & Tourism

Bachelor of Tourism and Leisure Management

文史与语言类 Literature, History & Languages

Bachelor of Applied English Studies

电脑与资讯科技类 Computer & Information Technology

Bachelor of Computer Science and Information Engineering

Bachelor of Information Management


Taipei Campus:

台北市文山區興隆路3段56號, 116-95 Taipei, Taiwan

Hsinchu Campus

新竹縣湖口鄉中山路三段530號, 303-01 Hsinchu, Taiwan