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Type of Institution
Comprehensive university
Areas of Program
Business Management, Computer & Information Technology, Humanities, Law & Social Sciences, Finance & Economics, Communication, Literature, History & Languages, Art & Design, Mathematics & Natural Sciences, Food, Beverage, Leisure & Tourism
Year of Establishment
Founded Body/ Founder
Taiwan Presbyterian Church
Chi-Min Chen (President)
Aletheia University (Tamsui)(Main Campus), Aletheia University ( Tainan)
Student Number (local)
Student Number (international)
Number of Teaching Staff


Situated on a hilltop in Tamsui area, Aletheia University traces a long history dating back to the time of Rev. Dr. Mackay from Canada when he was sent to Taiwan for missionary, medical, and educational work by the Presbyterian Church. In 1872, to build Oxford College at the current school site, he returned to his hometown in Oxford County of Canada to raise funds. Completed by 1882, Aletheia University is therefore not only the earliest school in Taiwan, but also the cradle for Western-style institution of higher education on the island. With five buildings over 100 years old on campus, the University surpasses other schools by demonstrating some historical elements on campus. It is also one of the spots where Jay Chou filmed the movie "Unspeakable Secrets".

In 1965, the Tamsui Institute of Business Administration (the predecessor of the University) was established in response to the growing needs of domestic industries at that time. It has since then cultivated many excellent business professionals, such as Zhang Guowei, Chairman of the STARLUX Airlines, Yang Jihua, Chairman of Din Tai Fung, and General Manager Li Jianwen of Capital Transportation Co. and some others as outstanding alumni of the school. During the graduation season, these alumni return to their alma mater to recruit talents by providing many job opportunities for their siblings.

In order to cater to the latest trends of industries, Tamsui Institute of Business Administration was formally restructured into Aletheia University in 1999 after approval by the Ministry of Education. Replacing the focus on the development of industry and commerce in the prior days, the goal after restructuring is set to strengthen the four aspects of "tourism, sports, leisure, and cultural creation". Consolidated with its already-laid foundation in the past, the University becomes unique with a complete set of characteristics in every aspect.

Under the leadership of the current president Dr. Chen Qiming, the University is seen entering a new milestone in the school development. The University has an elegant campus culture, a simple school spirit, a flourishing academic life, and a clear picture of running the school. Under such environment, the students it fosters are recognized by the society. There are currently 6,000 students in the school, including about 200 overseas students and foreign students.


Won the first prize of sports projects accreditation by the Ministry of Education (Taiwan's best)
The only private university in Northern Taiwan that passed all evaluations in 2017
The university with the most volunteers in 2017 Taipei World University Games


Library/Resource Centre
Lecture Theatre
Multi-purpose Hall
Computer for Student
Sports Facility
Recreation Facility
Student Hostel
Student Car Park
Wheelchair accessible
Other Professional Facility


Co-curricular Activities
Psychology Counseling & Guidance
Career Counseling & Guidance
Internship Placement Service
Further Study Placement Service
Job Placement Service


Taiwan's long-established top universities with the most beautiful campus environment in Taiwan
Outstanding professional teachers who help students earn fine salary after 4-year college
Cultivating elites in various industries with a network of outstanding alumni


艺术与设计类 Art & Design

Dept. of Applied Music

商业管理类 Business Management

Department of Information Management

Dept. of Business Administration

Dept. of International and Trade

传播类 Communication

Dept. of Digital Humanities

Dept. of Sports Information and Communication

财经类 Finance & Economics

Dept. of Accounting Information

Dept. of Economics

Dept. of Finance and Banking

Dept. of Finance and Tax Planning

人文、法律与社会科学类 Humanities, Law & Social Sciences

Dept. of Law

餐饮、休闲与旅游类 Food, Beverage, Leisure & Tourism

Dept. of Air Transport Industry

Dept. of Sport Management

Dept. of Tourism

文史与语言类 Literature, History & Languages

Dept. of Applied Japanese

Dept. of English

Dept. of Taiwan Literature

数理类 Mathematics & Natural Sciences

Dept. of Statistical Information & Actuarial Science

电脑与资讯科技类 Computer & Information Technology

Dept. of Computer Science and Information Engineering

Dept. of Industrial Management & Enterprise Information

Dept. of Religious Culture and Information Management

Dept. of Tourism Information


Aletheia University (Tamsui)

淡水區真理街32號25103, 25103 Tamsui, Taiwan

Aletheia University ( Tainan)

721台灣台南市麻豆區北勢里北勢寮70之11號, 72147 Tainan City, Taiwan
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