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Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman


Bachelor of Chinese Medicine (Hons)


Traditional Chinese Medicine
Bachelor's Degree Program
Qualification Awarded
Bachelor of Chinese Medicine (Hons)
Awarding Institution
Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman
Recognition of Qualification
Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA)
Course Duration
5 years
January, May, October
Class Location
  • UTAR Sungai Long Campus (Selangor)

Course Syllabus

Major Subjects
Year 1
Basics of TCM 中医基础理论
TCM in Classical Chinese 医古文
TCM Diagnostics 中医诊断学
Chinese Materia Medica 中药学
Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine 内经
Cell and Molecular Biology 细胞与分子生物学
Basic Genetics and Biochemistry 遗传学与生物化学
Anatomy and Physiology I 解剖生理学 (一)
Anatomy and Physiology II 解剖生理学(二)

Year 2
Chinese Medical Prescriptions I 方剂学(一)
Chinese Medical Prescriptions II 方剂学(二)
Internal Medicine of TCM I 中医内科学(一)
Acupuncture Meridians and Acupoints I 经络腧穴学(一)
Basics of TCM "Tui-Na" (Massage) 推拿学基础
Exercise Regime of TCM "Tui-Na" 推拿练功学
Technique of TCM "Tui-Na" 推拿手法学
General Pathology I 病理学(一)
General Pathology II 病理学(二)
Communicable Diseases 传染病学
Pharmacology 药理学
Managing Research Process and Statistical Analysis 研究和统计分析
Professional, Ethical and Legal Issues in Malaysian Medical Practice 马来西亚医疗执业中专业,伦理与法律课题

Year 3
Internal Medicine of TCM II 中医内科学(二)
Acupuncture Meridians and Acupounts II 经络腧穴学(二)
Acupuncture-Moxibustion Techniques 刺法灸法学
Therapeutics of Acupuncture and Moxibustion 针灸治疗学
Therapeutics of TCM "Tui-Na" 推拿治疗学
Treatise on Exogenous Febrile Disease 伤寒论
Selected Literature in TCM 各家学说
Introduction to Psychology 心理学简介
Western Medicine Diagnostics 西医诊断学
External Medicine of TCM 中医外科学
Western Internal Medicine 西医内科学
Western Medicine General and Orthopaedic Surgery 西医外科学

Year 4
Gynaecology of TCM 中医妇科学
Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) of TCM 中医耳鼻喉科学
Ophthalmology (Eye) Of TCM 中医眼科学
Orthopaedics, Traumatology of TCM 中医骨伤科学
Geriatrics of TCM 中医老年病学
Paediatrics of TCM 中医儿科学
Seasonal Febrile Diseases 温病学
Synopsis of the Golden Chest 金匮要略
Western Medicine Obstetrics and Gynaecology 西医妇科学

Year 5
Clinical Posting 临床实习

Entry Requirement

1. STPM: Grade C in 2 or 3 in the relevant subjects, depending on degree programmes
2. UEC: Grade B in 5 relevant subjects
3. A-Level: Grade E in 2 or 3 in the relevant subjects
4. SAM: ATAR 70 and Grade B in at least 2 relevant subjects
5. CPU: An average of 70% in 6 relevant subjects
6. UTAR Foundation Programme
7. Matriculation Certificate, Ministry of Education
8. Foundation/Diploma qualifications in the relevant fields
9. Other recognised equivalent qualifications

Course Fees

< RM100000 (estimated total amount of the tuition and miscellaneous fees for the entire program)
Tuition Fee
Application Fee

The fee listed above is only for reference. For the actual information of the tuition fees, please click here to inquire.

Course Inquiry

Please email to: enquiry@utar.edu.my

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