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20 years of experience in further study counseling

With 20 years of experience in education, FSI media and events have always been the primary source of further study information and advice for Chinese literate students in Malaysia. Adhering to the founding principles, FSI is now putting together its media, events and counseling services to create an integrated platform called NAVIGATOR where FSI may place the students to the right institutions, such as yours.

Online to Offline Further Study Counseling and Placement Services

NAVIGATOR is an online to offline (O2O) integrated system of FSI media, events and counseling services that provides further study counseling and placement services to the pool of students from FSI Reader’s Club, FSI School Education Fair, FSI School Career Talk, FSI Education Roadshow and FSI website.

Online Tools


FSI Website

FSI Website is an electronics resource centre of further study information where essential information of further study is compiled or gathered by FSI editorial and research team. The website is linked to NAVIGATOR so that its users (students) may be well-informed in their further study planning and decisions.


FSI Online Education Fair

FSI Online Education Fair is a web-based school information database where participating schools may precisely provide the essential information to the students and parents. FSI Online Education Fair is directly linked to NAVIGATOR so that students may be guided if they are lost in the massive amount of information.


NAVIGATOR Online Counseling System

NAVIGATOR is a self-directed online counseling tool where students may start their planning of further study by asking themselves:

What do they want to be (career)?
What should they study (course)?
Which schools can they choose?

The system is linked to FSI website and FSI Online Education Fair so that students may study the information handily whenever they need.

Offline Services


FSI Panels of Counselor

FSI works with the qualified Psychology Counselors nationwide to provide personal counseling to the students on some crucial topics, such as:
- No direction
- Indecisive
- Conflict with Parents
- Lack of Confidence
- Difficulty of Learning
- Etc.


FSI Further Study Advisor

FSI Further Study Advisors (FSA) provide objective and unbiased further study consultation to students and parents . All of the FSI Further Study Advisors are trained and assessed by FSI Center for their competency in further study consultation and career counseling. They provide free further study consultation to all students and parents through the services of NAVIGATOR.


FSI School Education Fair and FSI Education Roadshow

FSI School Education Fair is one of the FSI annual activities, and has been proven to be a favorite among the institutions and students as is has met the objective favorable to their interest. Following the success of the education fair held at the secondary schools nationwide, we are organising FSI Education Roadshow in December and March every year with the aim to invite students, whom the education institutions have met in the schools, to enroll them.

What are the Sources of our Student?

FSI Reader’s Club ~10,000 students
FSI School Education Fair ~20,000 students
FSI School Career Talk ~5,000 students
FSI Education Roadshow ~10,000 students
FSI Website (Further Study Interactive) >100,000 students

Let us bring you genuine students by signing up as NAVIGATOR Education Partner

All educational institutions in FSI Network are welcome to be the Education Partner of NAVIGATOR with either one of the following two eligibilities:

Exhibitor in FSI Online Education Fair
Advertiser in FSI Further Study Complete Guide

Student Placement Fee to support and maintain our services

To support and maintain our services, for each student enrolled in your institution, a Student Placement Fee will be imposed on the institution at either one of the following two rates:

Exhibitor in FSI Online Education Fair
RM500 per student
For Advertiser of FSI Education Complete Guide
RM2000 per student

Student Placement Fee Waiver for all Exhibitors of FSI Online Education Fair

As a privilege, all Exhibitors of FSI Online Education Fair will enjoy waiver of the Student Placement Fee for up to TWO successful enrollments.

All exhibitors of FSI Online Education Fair may also opt for the "students referral" service without any service charges.

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