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Diploma in Computer Science (DCS)


Computer Science
Diploma Program
Year Established
Qualification Awarded
Diploma in Computer Science
Awarding Institution
New Era University College
Recognition of Qualification
Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA)
Course Duration
2 years (total up 6 semesters)
February, May, September
Class Location
  • New Era University College (Kajang)


Diploma in Computer Science in the study range of Information Technology and Computer Science to provide students with a wide range of computer knowledge.
This course cultivates students with diverse professional qualities. The course covers Network, Application, IT Infrastructure and User Experience.
Students are required to master Software Engineering, Information Technology, Data Management, Artificial Intelligence, System and Network Management, Cyber and Network Security.
This course provides students with a solid foundation in computing and information processing theory, and a broader knowledge of Computer Science, prepare students to meet the market.

Course Syllabus

Major Subjects
必修课 Core Subject
● 数学 Mathematics
● 资讯工艺概论 Introduction to Information Technology
● 电脑编程概念 Programming Concepts
● 资讯工艺伦理 IT Ethics
● 电脑取证技术 Introduction of Forensic and Techniques
● 电脑网络 Networking
● 操作系统简介 Introduction to Operating Systems
● 资料库概念 Database Concepts
● 电脑维修 PC Maintenance
● 实习 Industrial Training
● 网络保安 Network Security
● 系统管理 System Administration
● 计算安全实务 Security in Computing
● 算法与数据架构 Algorithm and Data Structure
● 系统分析与设计 System Analysis & Design
● 电脑安全技术概论 Introduction to Security Techniques
● 离散数学 Discrete Mathematics
● 专业项目1 Project 1
Elective Subjects
选修课 Elective ● 高级数学 Advanced Mathematics ● 创意思考 Creative Thinking ● 统计学概论 Introduction to Statistics ● 科技创业 Technopreneurship ● ANDROID 程式编写简介 Introduction to Android Programming ● 大学公共课程 University Relation Program ● 学习技巧 Study Skill

Entry Requirement

● A pass in SPM with at least credit in any 3 subjects inclusive of Mathematics
● UEC with at least credit in any 3 subjects inclusive of Mathematics
● A pass in any qualifications equivalent to Certificate (Level 3, MQF) and a credit in Mathematics at SPM level
● O Level / IGCSE / Other qualifications deemed equivalent by MQA

Course Fees

< RM30000 (estimated total amount of the tuition and miscellaneous fees for the entire program)
Tuition Fee
RM 26,200 (Including Application Fee )
Application Fee

The fee listed above is only for reference. For the actual information of the tuition fees, please click here to inquire.

Course Inquiry

Student Enrolment Department
Tel: 03-87392770 ext: 121/123/125

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