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Bachelor of Business in Marketing (Honours) (BIM)


Marketing Management
Bachelor's Degree Program
Year Established
Qualification Awarded
Bachelor of Business in Marketing (Honours)
Awarding Institution
New Era University College
Recognition of Qualification
Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA)
Course Duration
3 years (total up 8 semesters, incl. Industrial Training)
February, May, September
Class Location
  • New Era University College (Kajang)


With a syllabus aligned to the current industry trends and environmental sustainability, we produce competent graduates who are workplace ready and caring towards the society and environment.
Marketing is the heart of business and is not limited to buying and selling products or services for profitability only.
Digital technology is changing the current marketing and business landscapes, so a graduate with both these qualifications stand a greater chance of climbing the coporate ladder faster.
The three years of study with us will be exiciting with plenty of project- based learning, digital contents, community involvement and opportunity to learn foreign languages.
Our students are readied for globalization and diversity through a short overseas study opportunity in Australia, Japan, Singapore, China, Taiwan.
MIM’s recognition provides our graduates a distinctive edge in securing the professional positions they aspire to.

Course Syllabus

Major Subjects
● 经济学 Economics
● 管理学原理 Principles of Management
● 商业数学Business Mathematics
● 商业会计学 Business Accounting
● 商业统计学 Business Statistics
● 市场营销原理 Principles of Marketing
● 财务管理 Financial Management
● 营销网页设计 Marketing Web Design
● 客户服务原理 Customer Service Fundamentals
● 组织行为学 Organizational Behaviour
● 消费者行为学 Consumer Behaviour
● 人力资源管理 Human Resources Management
● 战略市场营销管理 Strategic Marketing Management
● 商业研究方法 Business Research Method
● 当代及新兴市场透视 Contemporary and Emerging Marketing Perspectives
● 整合营销传播 Integrated Marketing communications
● 零售营销 Retail Marketing
● 全球营销 Global Marketing
● 服务营销 Services Marketing
● 广告管理 Advertising Management
● 数码市场营销策略 Digital Marketing Strategy
● 实习 Industrial Training
● 文章与报告写作 Essay & Report Writing
● 学术英语 English for Academic Purposes
● 学术写作 Academic Writing
● 学术与专业英语 English for Academic & Professional Purpose
● 互联网技术和信息服务 Internet Technologies and Information Services
● 作业系统 Operating Systems
● 电子化企业运营 E-Business
● 电子商务 E-Commerce
● 人际关系与沟通 Interpersonal Relationship & Communication
● 商业资讯系统基础 Business Information Systems
● 管理专业发展 Managing Professional Development

Entry Requirement

• STPM (CGPA 2.0) with 2 Principal Passes, and SPM with Mathematics and English Passes
• UEC with 5 Credits inclusive of Mathematics and English
• Foundation in Business (CGPA 2.0), New Era University College
• Diploma in Marketing (CGPA 2.0), New Era University College
• A Level / Other qualifications deemed equivalent by MQA

Course Fees

< RM45000 (estimated total amount of the tuition and miscellaneous fees for the entire program)
Tuition Fee
RM 41,200 (Including Application Fee )
Application Fee

The fee listed above is only for reference. For the actual information of the tuition fees, please click here to inquire.

Course Inquiry

Marketing & Sales Department
Tel: 03-87392770 ext: 121/123/125

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