MERDEKA University Berhad (China Technical and Vocational Education Scholarship)
MERDEKA University Berhad (China Technical and Vocational Education Scholarship)

MERDEKA University Berhad (China Technical and Vocational Education Scholarship)


Product Design


Industrial Design
Bachelor's Degree Program
Qualification Awarded
Bachelor's Degree
Awarding Institution
Quanzhou Normal University/ College of Chinese&ASEAN Arts
Recognition of Qualification
Course Duration
4 years
Class Location
  • Quanzhou Normal University
  • College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts


This programme aims to train high-level, applied product design specialists who are well-rounded in moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic development, who master product design thinking,
expression, communication and management skills, who have the ability to design innovatively, who have a strong sense of responsibility, a scientific and rational spirit, a leading aesthetic judgement
and systematic professional knowledge, and who can engage in product design research and development, education and related research and management in relevant enterprises and institutions, and who
can meet the needs of China's socialist modernisation.

Course Syllabus

Major Subjects
Quanzhou Normal College
Major Subjects: Product Design Methodology, Ergonomics, Materials and Processes
Core courses: History of industrial design, product design methodology, product design rendering techniques, ergonomics, drafting, model making and technology, product research methods, product design report production, digital product design and product design related software and other basic theoretical knowledge and basic methods, the history of Chinese and foreign arts and crafts, design (aesthetics, psychology, public relations), the fundamentals of modelling, composition (graphic, colour, three-dimensional composition), the history of the development of world industrial design and other related courses. (graphic, colour and three-dimensional composition), the history of industrial design in the world and other related courses, etc.
Main practical teaching links: according to the direction of product design, the core curriculum is closely linked to the practical teaching content, from product planning, design, mould design, model making, completion of product design reports, etc.
College of Chinese&ASEAN Arts: Product Design Expression, Product Modeling and Production Techniques, Fundamentals of Product Modelling, Ergonomics, Traditional Chinese Artefacts, Furniture Development and Design, Cultural and Creative Product Design, Interactive Product Design, History of Industrial Design, Product Drafting, Daily Product Design, Ornament Design

Entry Requirement

Graduated from Chinese Independent High School With UEC Result 5 Credits / Secondary School With STPM Level
Serious attitude
Strong to desire further study
Fulfillment the minimum entry requirements for Certificate/ Diploma/ Degree Courses
( Please refer to our website for minimum entry requirement :

Course Fees

< RM100000 (estimated total amount of the tuition and miscellaneous fees for the entire program)
Tuition Fee
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Other Fees

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