MERDEKA University Berhad (China Technical and Vocational Education Scholarship)
MERDEKA University Berhad (China Technical and Vocational Education Scholarship)

MERDEKA University Berhad (China Technical and Vocational Education Scholarship)


International Economy and Trading


Economics, International Finance and Trade
Bachelor's Degree Program
Qualification Awarded
Bachelor's Degree
Awarding Institution
Zhejiang Technical Institute of Economics/ Guangdong Polytechnic of Science and Technology/ Changzhou Vocational Institute of Textile and Garment/ Hunan Modern Logistics College/ Changsha Social Work College
Recognition of Qualification
Course Duration
4 years
Class Location
  • ZheJiang Technical Institute of Economics
  • Guangdong Polytechnic of Science and Technology
  • Changzhou Vocational Institute of Textile and Garment
  • Hunan Modern Logistics Occupation Technical College
  • Changsha Social Work College


The major cultivates talents with comprehensive development in ethics, intellect, physique and aesthetics, who can systematically master the basic principles of Marxist economics, the basic theories
theories of international economics and international trade, the basic knowledge and skills of international trade, the socio-economic situation of major countries and regions, the ability to operate
international trade business, and the ability to engage in practical business, management, research and publicity planning in foreign-related economic and trade departments, foreign-funded enterprises
and government agencies.

Course Syllabus

Major Subjects
Zhejiang Technical Institute of Economics: International Trade Practice, Foreign Trade Documentary Operation, Customs Clearance Practice, Foreign Trade Documentary Practice, Foreign Trade English Listening and Speaking, Foreign Trade Correspondence, Cross-cultural Communication and Negotiation, International Settlement, Foreign Trade E-commerce Practice, International Freight Forwarding, Foreign Trade Business Comprehensive Practical Training, etc.
Guangdong Polytechnic of Science and Technology
1. Professional foundation courses: University English, international trade practice, cross-border e-commerce sandbox operation, market research and analysis, basic economics, big data financial analysis, international business documentary practice, graphic image processing, foreign trade English correspondence, cross-border e-commerce English, spoken business English, basic business data analysis, consumer psychology and behavior analysis, etc.
2. Core competency courses: B2C practice of cross-border e-commerce, B2B practice of cross-border e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce logistics, comprehensive practical training of foreign trade business, international freight forwarding, customs clearance practice, comprehensive project practice of cross-border e-commerce, capstone practice, graduation design (thesis), etc.
3. Interdisciplinary elective courses: short video design and production, new media marketing, cross-border e-commerce laws and regulations, international business negotiation, data collection and processing, data analysis techniques, data visualization, supply chain data analysis, e-commerce visual design, business web design, creative brand planning, live marketing, online shop operation and management, warehousing and distribution management practices, procurement management practices, etc.
Changzhou Vocational Institute of Textile and Garment: International Trade Practice, Entry-Exit Inspection Business, Customs Brokerage Business, Foreign Trade Documentation, International Trade E-Commerce, Foreign Trade Correspondence, Marketing, etc.
Hunan Modern Logistics College: International Trade Theory, International Trade Practice, International Marketing, Foreign Trade Documentary Practice, International Finance, Foreign Trade English Speaking, Business Correspondence and Documentary
Changsha Social Work College
1. "International Trade Practice": "International Trade Practice" is the core course in the teaching plan of International Economics and Trade. The course is dedicated to the study of international goods buying and selling activities, is a practical and comprehensive applied science with the characteristics of foreign-related activities. The goal of the course is through the project teaching and simulation training, so that students master the basic process of foreign trade export business front-line operations, with export preparation work, export return price accounting, export return plate, export contract negotiation and signing, export cargo tracking, export cargo shipment, export cargo customs clearance, inspection, insurance, export bill settlement, export remittance write-off, export tax refund, export other post Competence in export business
2. Cross-border E-commerce Practice: As a primer for beginners and entrants in cross-border e-commerce, this textbook takes cross-border e-commerce business processes as the main line and typical cross-border platforms as cases, and scientifically designs five chapters on cross-border e-commerce introduction, cross-border e-commerce market analysis, cross-border logistics and payment, cross-border shop opening, cross-border shop operation and management, as well as the accompanying five The textbook is scientifically designed with five chapters: Introduction to Cross-border E-commerce, Cross-border E-commerce Market Analysis, Cross-border E-commerce Logistics and Payment, Cross-border E-commerce Store Opening, and Cross-border E-commerce Store Operation and Management. The textbook is scientifically structured, informative, easy to understand, practical and operational. It is an engineering textbook developed specifically for secondary and higher vocational colleges and universities specialising in e-commerce, international trade, international business, marketing and other financial disciplines, and can also be used as a training textbook for employees working in marketing and trading positions in cross-border e-commerce enterprises, as well as a self-study book for those engaged in cross-border e-commerce.
3. Practical English for Foreign Trade: With the aim of being "useful, practical and distinctive", this course not only instils knowledge but also enhances ability, based on the principles of accurate and clear foreign trade operations and authentic and pure English. English, the most widely and frequently used language in international trade, is fully integrated with international trade business, enabling learners to use English and foreign trade business skills to solve problems and make foreign trade negotiations go smoothly and operations run smoothly. The book covers all aspects of the foreign trade business process, including establishing business contacts, enquiries and replies, quotations, returns, acceptances, orders, contracts, payments, preparation, packaging, inspection, shipment, insurance, objections, claims, arbitration, etc.

Entry Requirement

Graduated from Chinese Independent High School With UEC Result 5 Credits / Secondary School With STPM Level
Serious attitude
Strong to desire further study
Fulfillment the minimum entry requirements for Certificate/ Diploma/ Degree Courses
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Course Fees

< RM50000 (estimated total amount of the tuition and miscellaneous fees for the entire program)
Tuition Fee
Scholarship / Tuition Fee ( Please refer to
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