MERDEKA University Berhad (China Technical and Vocational Education Scholarship)
MERDEKA University Berhad (China Technical and Vocational Education Scholarship)

MERDEKA University Berhad (China Technical and Vocational Education Scholarship)


Computer Application Technology


Information Technology, ICT Systems Support, Computer Network Technology
Diploma Program
Qualification Awarded
Awarding Institution
Hunan Modern Logistics College/ Jiangsu Vocational College Agricul Ture and Forestry/ Zibo Vocational Institute/ Weifang Engineering Vocational College
Recognition of Qualification
Course Duration
3 years / 6 semesters
Class Location
  • Hunan Modern Logistics Occupation Technical College
  • Jiangsu Vocational College of Agricul and Forestry
  • Zibo Vocational Institute
  • Weifang Engineering Vocational College


The shortage of computer professionals in China is expected to reach millions. The average monthly hiring demand for corresponding positions in 2021 is hundreds of thousands of people, and the average
monthly employment salary reaches RMB 8,590. This major is mainly for software and related industries, systematically master the basic theory, basic skills and strong practical ability of computer
science and technology, and can engage in Java development engineer, Android development engineer, Java Web development, front-end development, web production, website reconstruction, H5 development
and other high quality technical skills professionals.

Course Syllabus

Major Subjects
Hunan Modern Logistics College
Java Direction: Java Language Fundamentals, JavaScript+Jquery, CSS+DIV, HTML5, MySQL Database, JSP Programming, VUE.JS Framework, SprintBoot Framework, etc.
Web front-end development direction: Java language foundation, JavaScript+Jquery, CSS+DIV, HTML5, MySQL database, JSP programming, H5 mobile development technology, Angular.js technology, VUE.JS development technology, JavaScript cutting-edge development framework, responsive web development, etc.
Jiangsu Vocational College Agricul Ture and Forestry
Basic courses: Computer Network Fundamentals, Java Programming, Introduction to Modern Communication Technology, Engineering Drawing
Project courses: network interconnection technology, advanced switching technology, advanced routing technology, wide area network technology, database technology, integrated cabling technology, Linux operating system, wireless LAN technology, engineering budget, network security, cloud computing infrastructure platform, cloud computing operation and maintenance technology, network system integration project practical training, advanced network technology comprehensive practical training
Extension courses: modern office technology, maintenance electrician, business negotiation, marketing
Zibo Vocational College
1. Computer Application Technology (Network Technology Direction)
Comprehensive network cabling, network interconnection technology, Linux network management, WindowsServer network management, network database technology, advanced routing and switching technology, IPV6 technology and application, SDN technology, etc.
2. Computer Application Technology (Network Security Direction)
Network interconnection technology, network protocol security analysis, firewall technology and application, operating system security management, Java programming, PHP foundation, code auditing, database application technology, Web security and penetration technology.
3. Computer Application Technology (Web and New Media Direction)
Web page design and layout, web page special effects production, dynamic website development, H5 animation production, UI design, interactive media design, non-linear editing, film and television post-production, mobile application development, etc.
Weifang Engineering Vocational College: image processing technology, Html5+CSS3, programming, database system development and design, film and television post-production synthesis, JavaScript+Jquery, PHP dynamic website technology, 3D animation production, responsive website development Bootstrap

Entry Requirement

Graduated from Chinese Independent High School / Secondary School Form 5 Level
Serious attitude
Strong to desire further study
Fulfillment the minimum entry requirements for Certificate/ Diploma/ Degree Courses
( Please refer to our website for minimum entry requirement :

Course Fees

< RM50000 (estimated total amount of the tuition and miscellaneous fees for the entire program)
Tuition Fee
Scholarship / Tuition Fee ( Please refer to
Application Fee

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