MERDEKA University Berhad (China Technical and Vocational Education Scholarship)
MERDEKA University Berhad (China Technical and Vocational Education Scholarship)

MERDEKA University Berhad (China Technical and Vocational Education Scholarship)


Applied Chemical Technology


Chemical Engineering
Diploma Program
Qualification Awarded
Awarding Institution
Zibo Vocational Institute/
Recognition of Qualification
Course Duration
3 years / 6 semesters
Class Location
  • Zibo Vocational Institute
  • Weifang Engineering Vocational College


In 2013, the major of Applied Chemical Technology and the major of Chemical Engineering and Technology of Shandong University of Science and Technology launched a pilot project of "3+2" matching and
and through-train sectional training, which is now in the leading position of similar majors in China. There are 20 full-time teachers, including 3 doctors, 10 masters, and 9 with associate or senior
titles. It has built 2 provincial quality courses; obtained 1 national key topic of the National Education Science "Eleventh Five-Year Plan"; 12 provincial topics; 6 national invention patents; 1
third prize of provincial teaching achievements; 1 second prize of excellent research achievements of the provincial education system; 20 EI and SCI accepted papers; published 1 monograph and 5
special textbooks. There are more than 20 large training rooms, such as integrated chemical unit operation, chemical pipeline disassembly and assembly, chemical process simulation, gas chromatography
training room and liquid chromatography training room, with a total area of 3,000 square meters and equipment worth 11 million yuan, which have laid a good foundation for students' vocational skills
training and professionalism development. It has a national vocational skills appraisal station for specific trades in the chemical industry, a vocational education training base in Shandong Province,
a training base for chemical talents in Zibo City, the Zibo Huan Yi Environmental Protection Testing Centre and the Zibo Ionic Membrane Caustic Soda Production Application Engineering Technology
Research Centre, and uses this as a platform to actively carry out various social service activities. In the development of experimental training projects, social training and technical services and
development, etc. are in the forefront of similar majors in Shandong Province.

Course Syllabus

Major Subjects
Zibo Vocational College: basic chemistry, chemical drawing and drafting, chemical product analysis and inspection, chemical instrumentation and automatic control, chemical equipment installation and maintenance, typical chemical product production (Ⅰ), typical chemical product production (Ⅱ), chemical reaction process and equipment, chemical safety and environmental protection technology, fine chemical production technology, chemical enterprise production management, chemical marketing, etc.
Weifang Engineering Vocational College: chemical unit operation, engineering drawing and CAD technology, chemical analysis, instrument analysis technology, chemical production technology, chemical safety technology, etc.

Entry Requirement

Graduated from Chinese Independent High School / Secondary School Form 5 Level
Serious attitude
Strong to desire further study

Fulfillment the minimum entry requirements for Certificate/ Diploma/ Degree Courses
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Course Fees

< RM50000 (estimated total amount of the tuition and miscellaneous fees for the entire program)
Tuition Fee
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