MERDEKA University Berhad (China Technical and Vocational Education Scholarship)
MERDEKA University Berhad (China Technical and Vocational Education Scholarship)

MERDEKA University Berhad (China Technical and Vocational Education Scholarship)


UAV application technology


Intelligence System Technology
Diploma Program
Qualification Awarded
Awarding Institution
Hunan Communication Engineering Polytechnic/ Weifang Engineering Vocational College
Recognition of Qualification
Course Duration
3 years / 6 semesters
Class Location
  • Hunan Communication Polytechnic
  • Weifang Engineering Vocational College


The mode of "cross-disciplinary group co-education, traffic characteristic application, school-enterprise in-depth cooperation" is adopted to cultivate senior technical talents who master the
necessary cultural knowledge such as electrical and electronic technology, sensor technology, UAV body structure, UAV power system, wireless communication and manipulation system composition principle
and the professional vocational ability of "three skills" of UAV (can fly, can assemble, can debug and repair), master the knowledge and practical skills of UAV principle and assembly, UAV maintenance
, UAV piloting and control, UAV data processing, etc., and have the ability to carry out the whole UAV control and data processing process independently.

Course Syllabus

Major Subjects
Hunan Communication Engineering Polytechnic: UAV Application Development, UAV Control and Application, Microcontroller and Interface Technology, Wireless Sensing Application Technology, Image Recognition Technology, UAV Hardware Circuit Design
Weifang Engineering Vocational College: Advanced Mathematics, Reading and Drawing of Drawings, Introduction to UAV Technology, Electrical and Electronic Technology, Principle and Application of Microcontroller, Tolerance Fit and Measurement Technology, Sensor and Detection Technology, UAV Simulation Piloting Technology, UAV Structure and System, Rotor Wing UAV Piloting Technology, Fixed Wing UAV Piloting Technology, UAV Assembly and Overhaul Technology, UAV Industry Application, Mechanical CAD /CAM, metalwork practical training, mechanical drawing and mapping, drone control practical training, etc.

Entry Requirement

Graduated from Chinese Independent High School / Secondary School Form 5 Level
Serious attitude
Strong to desire further study
Fulfillment the minimum entry requirements for Certificate/ Diploma/ Degree Courses
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Course Fees

< RM50000 (estimated total amount of the tuition and miscellaneous fees for the entire program)
Tuition Fee
Scholarship / Tuition Fee ( Please refer to
Application Fee
Registration Fee

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