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Financial Aid

Overseas Chinese Students' Scholarship of the United Chinese Association for National Salvation

Successful candidates will receive a bursary of NTD 5,000
1. Overseas Chinese students who are enrolled in a university department (excluding graduate schools) at a public or private university in Taiwan and who have been guaranteed admission from overseas, or who have been admitted to Hong Kong and Macau, or who have come to Taiwan on their own to take the examination.
2. Those who have scored 75 or above in their academic performance and 80 or above in their conduct in the previous academic year
3. Not receiving any other scholarships in the current academic year
4. Priority in allocation is given to those who have a clear and humble background.
1. Application form
2. Transcripts of previous academic year
3. Photocopy of student card
4. Proof of overseas student status (photocopy of passport)
5. Proof of cold weather status for those with cold weather conditions
1 student

Lai Yau Man Kam Memorial Scholarship

A full NTD 20,000 will be given to the successful candidate.
1. Only those students from really poor families (including graduate schools)
2. Students with an average of 70 or above in their academic and conduct grades in the previous semester
3. Not receiving other scholarships
4. 12 students (including one from the Industrial Department and at least three girls) will be admitted to the University
1. Application form (must be signed by the Head of Department, Tutor and Instructor to confirm the opinion of the student that he/she is cold, not just a signature under seal)
2. Academic transcript of the previous semester
3. Photocopy of student card
12 students

Calvin Wang's International Scholarship

-The maximum amount of financial support per academic year for graduate students is 4, with each student receiving NT$25,000 per semester.
-The maximum amount of financial support per academic year for overseas students of undergraduate is 38, and the amount is NT$20,000 per student per semester.
-Admitted overseas, Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland or foreign students who are enrolled in our undergraduate or graduate school.
-A student who has attained an average of at least 70 points in the previous semester or has not failed in any subject and has not been penalised.
-Those who have financial and economic needs.
-The maximum number of years of study is four for university, two for master's degree and four for doctorate.
-Full admission documents
-Application for a scholarship (with three letters of recommendation, at least one of which should be from a teacher)
-A brief autobiography
-Any document that specifies financial and economic needs

Current students:
-Application for scholarship (with recommendation from tutor/instructor, either one or the other)
-A brief autobiography (500 or 600 words)
-Any document that specifically demonstrates financial and economic need
-Transcript of the previous academic year
42 students

Bursary of Chung Yuan Christian University

Successful students will receive NTD 10,000 for the academic year.
University students who have at least a 60-point average in the previous semester and are of good character and meet one of the following criteria may apply for admission to the University in the following order of priority.
1. Holders of a certificate of low-income household issued by the prefectural or municipal government
2. One of the parents (or guardian) is seriously ill and affects the family's financial situation
3. Parents (or guardians) who are unable to work
4. Parents or guardians who are in involuntary employment and whose families are in difficulty
If the applicants are of equal merit in the above categories, priority will be given to those with the highest grades.
-Application form
-Transcripts of previous years
-Other relevant documents in support of the application
120 students

Bursary for Overseas Chinese and Foreign Students of Chung Yuan Christian University

For the bachelor degree freshman have to attach your application form and related document when you apply for university , those who have passed the review will be issued the following relevant bursaries in the first semester after enrolment:
1. Full tuition and fees waived
2. Half tuition and fees waived
3. A Bursary of NTD16,000
1. Overseas students who have been awarded the bursary of this approach shall perform their service obligations each semester, and the service rules will be stipulated separately.
2. Overseas students entering and leaving the country should report to the Overseas Students and Accommodation Service Team of the Student Affairs Office and leave a record. Those who leave the country for more than 4 weeks will be disqualified for the current month's bursary; those who leave the country for more than 9 weeks will be disqualified for the semester's bursary.
3. Overseas Chinese students take the initiative to notify authors who are full-time employees outside the school to cancel their bursary qualifications, but the bursaries received will not be recovered. If not notified and found, all bursaries issued from the work start date shall be returned in full.
4. Overseas students who violated the criminal law and have been sentenced to determine or violated the school rules and have recorded the above penalties, shall not apply for scholarships in accordance with these Measures.
5. Those who have already received scholarships awarded by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are not allowed to receive the bursaries of this approach.
6. Those who have already received this bursary are not allowed to receive other scholarships and bursaries in the school.
Overseas and foreign student who have achieved the top 25% of academic performance of the department, may attach transcripts to apply for bursary at the beginning of the next semester, those who pass the review will be issued the bursary in the preceding paragraph in order of comparison.
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